5 Healthy Tips For The Holidays!

Life tends to be stressful these days and the holiday season seems to add to this stress for most people. This added stress can adversely affect your health, sleep, and vitality. Why not take some time during this holiday season to care for you so that you can protect your short and long term health and vitality

These tips are great all year long and especially important during the holidays:

  • 1. Remember to breathe! It seems like such a silly thing to ask you to do, but most people do not breathe properly. Most people are breathing shallowly and this causes anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc. Be aware of your breath pattern. Take a moment and make sure that you breathe deeply and slowly. Do this throughout the day–it only takes a moment and costs nothing, yet it can have incredible health benefits and helps you to feel relaxed.
  • 2. Limit the sweets and alcohol. I understand that this is a time where goodies surround us all. Be picky and make conscious choices about the treats that you eat and drink. It is all too easy to eat and drink without thinking about the consequences. It’s ok to have some fun, just take a moment and make a choice rather than just reacting to what’s around you. Avoid going to holiday parties starving–that will help you to avoid rash choices.
  • 3. Plan some down time. The holidays are a time where invitations will seemingly come out of the air. By booking time for you in your calendar, it will be easier to have time to renew. We all need down time. As much fun as events may be, going to everything may drain you of desired energy. Take a few hours, or even a day, to say yes to an invite. Go to the events you really want to go to and be ok saying no to the things that feel are too much. It’s ok to take time for you–it is the smart thing to do.
  • 4. Get a Myers cocktail and Glutathione IV. The high dose Vitamin C and variety of nutrients in the Myers cocktail has been shown to be a great immune booster. It can help you to stay healthy and fight the viruses that surround us. I always get one before travel and at the first signs of an illness.The extra stress during the holiday season can weaken our immune system and make it easier to get sick. Getting IV nutritional support can help your body stay strong. Adding Glutathione to the Myers cocktail is a potent combination. Glutathione is a strong anti-oxidant and gives additional immune support.
  • 5. Keep exercising if you already do. If not, add some activity to your day. It is all too easy to get busy and not exercise. Regular activity helps your mind to relax and your body to function properly. Any activity is better than nothing. Even five minutes of some sort of activity offers a health and mind benefit. Avoid using the holidays as an excuse not to exercise. This is a time of year that requires regular activity. When you feel any stress, take a quick walk. It greatly minimizes the stress.

Health Tips

The above five tips are easy to do and easy not to do. It comes down to making a choice to take care of yourself. Do you want to feel and look your best? If the answer is yes, then start with these simple activities. By being aware of your daily choices and taking these small steps, you will find that you are better able to withstand the holidays. You will feel more relaxed and also more vital and energetic. You will also have developed healthy habits for the new year. You will feel better now and in the long run.

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