Weight Loss Struggles

Overcoming Weight Loss Struggles

You may have heard about the new injectable weight loss medications. While these medications can be of benefit to those with diabetes and insulin resistance, it is not the answer to long term healthy weight loss for most people.  Keep in mind that all medications come with the potential for side effects.   For example, these medications can cause the loss of lean muscle, nausea, headaches, etc.  

If you do not care about long term weight loss and a healthy body then we do not believe you would be reading this article.  You are an intelligent individual because you are looking for helpful information and you desire a healthy body and weight.   Intelligent people look for long term solutions that work.

We understand that getting to a healthy weight can at times be frustrating and it is easy to look for the quick fix.  While there is no quick fix, there are many things that you can do that will get you to your goal.  When it comes to weight loss, most people focus on their diet and exercise.  While these are important factors, they are actually not the place to start.  One of the most important aspects of successful weight loss is having the right mindset.

Why is mindset so important? 

Where your mind is at controls everything you do.  

For example, if someone is trying to lose weight but eats a donut every morning.  The traditional thing to do is to simply say that they will stop eating donuts through willpower.  However, this creates the feeling of denying something  that is enjoyed.  That person still sees themselves as someone who loves donuts but has decided not to eat them.  Typically what happens is that eventually the person breaks down and eats a donut.  Then the person feels like a failure and gives up on not eating donuts.   This is all because the mindset was the following:  “I love donuts but I need to lose weight so I have to give up something that I love.”

Now, what if that person adopted a different mindset: “I am a person who does not eat donuts”.  It seems like the same thing but it is not.  This mindset comes from a position of power.  It is a different perspective towards giving up donuts which empowers the person with the donut habit.  There is no feeling of loss, there is simply a new definition of how that person defines themselves.  

When you define yourself as a person who values feeling and looking your best, it is easier to make the lifestyle changes that result in a healthy weight.  Pay attention to the words that you use and how you think about yourself, food, exercise, etc.  Change your perspective when you find that how you are thinking is not getting you the results that you desire.

If you are someone who “hates exercise”, that mindset will not get you to a healthy weight.  You can keep thinking that and live with the body that you have, or change your mindset to get you the body that you desire.  Think about ways to exercise that you enjoy.  There are a lot of different ways: bicycling, pilates, yoga, squats, walking, weight training, dancing, jump roping, pickleball and other sports, etc.  Change your thinking to “I love………” (insert whatever form of body movement works for you).  You do not have to love going to the gym to get excellent exercise.

If you are someone who loves eating bread each day, become a person who does not eat bread.  If that is too much of a stretch, switch to healthier bread such as Ezekial sprouted grain bread.  Be a person who feels that “nothing tastes as good as feeling good”.  

In addition, change how you think about yourself.  Love who you are while making positive lifestyle changes to be a healthier you.  This is not about accepting being overweight and out of shape, it is about giving yourself love and grace while you make the changes that you need.  Act and think like the person who is healthy and fit, and it will come.  You may hit stumbling blocks along the way and that is ok.  If you catch yourself eating something that you don’t want to be eating, stop half way and throw it away.   It is better in the trash then in your body.  Be proud that you did not eat the entire food–acknowledge that you stopped yourself! 🙂  Be patient with yourself and keep redirecting your mind to a positive mind set..

A healthy weight is obtainable.  Let go of the quick fix mentality and focus on a healthy mindset.  You will find that you feel and look better and it will stay with you long term.  If you find that you need assistance with a healthy mindset for health, call our wellness partners: John Grant coaching (a results coach) or Nancy Holguin (Hypnotherapist).  And, if you feel that your physical body does need a boost, ask us about B complex injections and ensuring that your hormones are properly balanced.  

We are here to support you 🙂

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