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Not Your Typical Vitamins

When thinking about health and wellness, your mind likely wanders to nutrition, supplements, exercise, spirituality, and possibly relationships—or at least something along those lines. You might not be thinking about IV vitamin therapy, but this is a rapidly growing health treatment gaining some interest among professional athletes, celebrities, and everyday folks like you and me. And it definitely deserves some attention.

Let’s face it, 2020 & 2021 were major doozies! Many of us wrapped up those years feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, and utterly overwhelmed.  This can lead to a suppressed immune system and an increased chance of catching a virus, the flaring up an autoimmune disorder, or just an overall sense of lowered vitality.

I’m here to shed some light on a simple treatment that has endless health benefits and the potential to prevent illness and disease while leaving you feeling energized and ready to tackle 2022 and beyond!!

You might be surprised to learn intravenous (IV) vitamin treatments are useful for more than just the pesky New Year’s hangover.

Yep! That’s right—they are also a great option to consider including in your wellness routine.

Let’s dive in! What is it?

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin therapy is an exceptionally efficient way to supercharge your body. An IV administers vitamins and minerals and other nutrients your body lacks by directly delivering them into the bloodstream through an IV catheter in the vein. This is helpful because it bypasses the digestive system, aiding in faster and more efficient absorption into the cells, unlike traditional oral supplements. This makes nutrients more readily available to the body.

Who can benefit? Anyone! You don’t need to have a preexisting medical condition to benefit from these therapies. In fact, receiving an IV vitamin treatment is an excellent preventative modality to ensure your body is getting exactly what it needs to function optimally.

It is no secret we are continuously bombarded by toxins each day. Did you know the average US woman exposes herself to about 200 synthetic chemicals daily? Chemicals are everywhere and difficult to escape. They are in our food, water, personal care products, household products, and even in our clothing. Over time these toxins accumulate and become difficult for the liver to filter. This inhibits our body from running optimally, leading to illness and/or disease.

If you find yourself feeling rundown and susceptible to illness, your body can use a little extra help. Also, if you have chronic illnesses and are dependent on pharmaceuticals, IV vitamin therapies (combined with IV Ozone) just might be what your body desires. Many diseases and inflammation cause the body to use nutrients at a faster rate and demand higher amounts for proper healing.

As an IV infusion registered nurse, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing patients with acute viral illnesses recover more quickly and numerous patients with autoimmune illnesses see their symptoms decrease or nearly disappear with the use of IV vitamin therapies combined with lifestyle changes. It is so humbling to see lives transformed by incorporating these treatments in their wellness plan.

 Whether you’re looking for an immune system boost, increase in energy, or desiring to treat your autoimmune disease, IV vitamin therapy just might be the solution.

Here are just some of the many potential benefits of IV Vitamins:

  • increases energy and mood
  • supercharges your immune system
  • assists with fitness recovery
  • increases rate of recovery pre and post surgical procedures
  • prevents illness
  • decreases inflammation
  • aides in weight loss
  • increases mental focus
  • enhances athletic performance
  • improves hormone imbalance
  • decreases stress
  • improves sleep
  • aides in detoxification
  • hydrates skin and body
  • and let’s not forget, it’s a hangover miracle-worker! (although I highly advise you don’t put yourself in the position to need it for this reason)

We often combine a Glutathione IV with a Meyers cocktail (Vitamin IV) to assist your body in detoxification. 

Many of our patients also combine the Meyers cocktail (Vitamin IV) with an IV Ozone treatment since Ozone is a powerful and efficient way to stimulate your body to regenerate and heal.  (Ozone treatment is a topic for another article😉)

What are the risks of IV Vitamin Therapy?

When considering any new treatment, you should always consult with your trusted practitioner who is knowledgeable about wellness IV therapy. While IV vitamin infusions are relatively painless and harmless, they can come with certain risks and side effects. Sometimes local irritation to the vein can occur, and/or a sensation of feeling flushed or warm (usually if magnesium or niacin is in the mixture).  Typically, we do not see adverse effects, only benefits.  Having your IV Vitamin administered by a qualified RN is important for ensuring that your treatment is effective and uneventful.

When getting an IV Vitamin it is important to hydrate well the day before and the day of your IV therapy.

Many IV infusions can be given as frequently as 1-2 times per week but more commonly monthly on a maintenance basis. If fourteen years as an emergency room taught me anything, it showed me prevention is key! Sounds cliché, but it cannot be emphasized enough.

Sadly, over the years, many of my patient’s cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory emergencies were typically linked to their previous health history and a lifetime of poor health decisions. Their condition wasn’t something that could magically be mended during an ER visit or hospital stay. But it IS something we can change over time with proper education, preventive treatments, and lifestyle changes.

We have more control over our bodies and health than we give ourselves credit for. It starts with you and me! This is something to celebrate, friend! So don’t forget to take your vitamins and give yourself the best gift by booking a Vitamin IV (with or without IV Ozone and Glutathione).  Your body will thank you.

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