When will I feel better?

A common question that I get from patients on their initial consultation is “when will I feel better”. That is when I wish that I had a crystal ball!! Every person is unique and each person’s bio-identical hormone treatment is customized.


Typically I expect you to start feeling some improvement after 3 to 4 weeks. I ask my patients to check in with me at 4 weeks even if they don’t need a follow up visit at that time. That way I can adjust your treatment based on how you are responding after a month. If you happen to feel something that is not in the positivr direction that is feedback to me and helps me to adjust things. Every response gives me feedback on how to better treat you.

About 80 percent of my patients are 90 percent to our goal after 2 months (which is also when I usually see people back for their first follow up appointment). The other 20 percent of the patients require a little more time and patience–their issues are more complex. It is difficult to predict exactly when you will feel better but you should notice improvement within the first few weeks.

How quickly you respond and get to our goal for you depends on how deficient you are with Thyroid, Growth, Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone hormones. It also depends on your Cortisol levels and the stress on your adrenal glands. What you eat, your exercise regimen, and overall life stressors all affect how quickly you improve.
Proper hormone balancing is a customized therapy and it involves personalized care along with time and patience. The good news is that you will feel better once you start your journey towards optimal health and hormone balancing.

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