What is Optimal Health?

Optimal health is basically when you are able to have the energy and vitality to enjoy your life in the manner that makes you happy. Everyone has a different definition of what happiness is. Thus, everyone has different optimal levels of mind and body fitness. You simply need to decide at what level of functioning you are happy with-what allows you to do the things that you enjoy. It is not about being perfect, it is about feeling balanced and alive.
In order to have optimal health it is important to address your nutrition (diet, supplements, and food allergies), sleep, exercise, stress, toxin exposure, and your hormone levels. There is no magic fix to achieving optimal health. It takes time and a desire on your part to achieve optimal health as well as a willingness to spend money on yourself. As a physician, it takes me spending time getting to know your unique needs and desires.

My goal as a physician is to aide you in achieving a fulfilling life: living well and not deteriorating for years before you leave this Earth. This takes team work and patience by both of us. It takes ongoing communication—I want to know if there are any issues or concerns that you have.

Together we will focus on you making progress over time and not on being perfect. That is the path to optimal health and a fulfilling life!!

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