What is Normal?

Have you ever gone to the doctor knowing that something was wrong but when they did the lab work it came back “normal”. The doctor told you that everything was ok and may even have tried to give you an anti-depressant. Frustrating, isn’t it??

The large majority of men and women do know when something is wrong and hormonal imbalances are often missed by the medical practitioner, unless he/she is specially trained in bio-identical hormones. Your symptoms are actually the most important information needed in order to figure out the underlying problem. Lab work can be helpful in pinpointing the problem, especially when it comes to thyroid but also for the other hormones.

Normal values vary among the different labs to some degree. Normal values are obtained by testing the general population and then by doing a statistical analysis to determine the normal range. Now, what state is the general population in?? Are they in optimal health or are they overweight and with different disease states?? If you look around you, you will quickly see my point. The average person is not in optimal health. So do you want your lab work to fall within normal ranges or within the range seen in people of optimal health?

Experts trained in hormone balance and integrative medicine can interpret your labs properly and help you to achieve optimal ranges of your hormones and overall optimal health. You should be able to live life to its fullest and not just settle for feeling poorly.

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