What is a normal Testosterone level for a man?

Average testosterone levels have decreased dramatically over the last century. There are some estimates that the average male’s Testosterone level today ranges from 270 ng/DL to 700 ng/DL, one hundred years ago the range was 800 to 2000!

Hormone Pellets and Their Benifits

Several studies have shown a decline of Testosterone levels in today’s men regardless of age. For example, a 45 year old man today has far less Testosterone than a 45 year old man 100 years ago. Now take into account that “normal” Testosterone levels for men are determined by testing the blood of a randomly picked group of men—men who are now having lower Testosterone levels than they should. The result is that Testosterone levels that are actually low have been labeled as “normal”. This results in men suffering needlessly from low Testosterone but being told that they are normal and nothing is wrong with them.

We live in an environment that has numerous things that disrupt our hormones–stress, chemicals, poor diet, etc. This has resulted in the decline of Testosterone and other hormones in both men and women. Hormonal imbalances can present as fatigue, sleep issues, depressed mood, anxiety, poor muscle recovery, irritability, loss of vitality, inability to gain muscle, brain fog, loss of focus or concentration, a loss of libido, etc. Your Testosterone may be low for you and yet the levels show “normal” on the lab results. You need optimal Testosterone levels, not “normal”. With optimal levels you will feel at your best!

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