Trouble Burning Fat

Reducing fat is a sought after goal for a lot of people. Exercise, a proper diet, bio-identical hormone balancing, the proper mind set, getting adequate sleep, and detoxification are all an important piece of the fat loss puzzle. It is important to address all of these things to achieve your goal.

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Let’s talk about exercise. Often people are exercising hard and regularly but with no results. Everyone has a different fat burning heart rate. This is the heart rate range where your body efficiently uses your stored fat. If you exercise at a heart rate above this number, it does not effectively burn fat.

If your heart rate goes a lot higher than the fat burning rate for a prolonged time you can actually cause damage to your mitochondria. The mitochondria are the engines in each of your cells. When your mitochondria start failing, you start aging rapidly. You want your mitochondria to be healthy.

When you exercise you want to spend only a short time at the anaerobic threshold (the heart rate where you stop utilizing oxygen and fat to generate your energy). And you also want to spend only a short time with your heart rate above that threshold. The key is to spend enough time at the threshold heart rate and above to stimulate your mitochondria, but not too much time that damage is caused

When you know the heart rate that is best for your body to burn fat and the maximum heart rate for your mitochondria, now you can exercise effectively for your own body. How do you find out the heart rate range that is best for you? The Bio-Energy test is the most accurate way to determine this information.

The Bio-Energy test can give you the heart rate ranges I just spoke about. Plus it can determine if your thyroid is functioning optimally and how healthy your mitochondria are. It can also measure your VO2 max, overall fitness, ability to burn fat at rest, and the calories your body needs at rest and exercise. It is a great test for those who want to lose weight, ensure their cells are healthy, or simply want to assess their fitness. Contact our office at 951-461-3021 if you are interested in getting this test done.

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