Top 9 reasons your not losing weight?

We all know that a healthy diet and exercise is important for achieving a healthy weight. Here are some other reasons you may not be losing weight:

Apple and Weights

  1. Your thyroid is not functioning at an optimal level.
  2. You may not be getting adequate sleep.
  3. Your Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen levels may be out of balance.
  4. You may have a candida overgrowth.
  5. You may have too much cortisol.
  6. Your body may be storing toxins within your fat cells and losing fat may cause toxicity if these toxins are not dealt with.
  7. Your subconscious mind may have a “program” that is keeping your body from getting rid of unwanted fat.
  8. You may be on medications that make it hard to lose weight.
  9. You may be lacking certain nutrients that your body requires to “burn fat”.

If you are having trouble achieving a healthy weight, it is important to look at all aspects that can affect this process. Be patient and focus on your long term health.

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