The Power Of The Mind

Words convey emotion and enable us to communicate with others. The words that we say to ourselves and out loud to others have a definite impact on the way that we feel. Has anyone ever said something to you that lit you up inside and lifted your spirits? Or said something that brought you down?

a brain graphic lifting weights

Changing the words that you say is a great start to helping you to feel better overall. Instead of saying “try”, what if you said “yes” or “no”? Instead of saying ” I should” do something, what if you said “I choose” or “I choose not to” do something. Simply changing how you say things can positively change how you feel. It can empower you.

While treating men and women for hormone balancing I often encounter the complaint “I can’t lose weight”. Balancing estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone plus optimizing thyroid levels can help your metabolism and help you feel better overall. However, some people may still have issues decreasing fat. The mind can be an overlooked reason –it can block weight loss.

To decrease fat it is important to work on decreasing stress to support your adrenal glands and decrease cortisol. Stop saying “I’m fat” since that just reinforces to your mind that you are fat. Unplug regularly and focus on health, not weight. Hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, and reiki can be great ways to help you with readjusting your cortisol and metabolism.

The mind is powerful –remember that addressing it is an important piece of feeling optimal.

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