Testosterone: The Real Story On Its Safety

Lately there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Testosterone is safe to take. Unfortunately, there was a poorly done study on about 1200 men that caused people to think that Testosterone is unsafe. This study was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and the rest is history.

There are numerous flaws to this study. First of all they used synthetic, not bio-identical, Testosterone. There have been numerous studies on bio-identical Testosterone that has shown it to be safe and beneficial. Synthetic Testosterone is not chemically the same as bio-identical Testosterone. Bio-identical Testosterone is plant derived and then chemically changed to be chemically identical to what your body would naturally produce if it could. In comparison, synthetic Testosterone is chemically different from what your body would naturally produce. Your body works based on specific chemical reaction and even the slightest chemical change can have devastating results.

Another error in this study is that they studied elderly men who were already at a higher risk of heart disease. In addition, only a small percentage of the men in the study even filled more than one prescription. The study had poor follow up of the men involved and their Testosterone levels were not optimized.
It is no wonder that this study showed an increase in heart disease risk: these men had a high risk anyway, they were using inadequate amounts of Testosterone and on top of that, were using the synthetic type of Testosterone.

When you look at the numerous studies on bio-identical Testosterone they show benefits to both men and women including increased bone strength, decreased dementia, decreased heart disease risk, and an overall decrease in chronic disease medication use. Men and women on properly monitored bio-identical hormones think better, move better, and feel better. They live a healthier and happier life.

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