Testosterone And Thyroid

J.T., a 47 y/o lady, came into my office complaining of constipation, low energy, poor sleep, the inability to lose weight, and an overall decrease in vitality. She was even considering leaving her husband of 22 years. Luckily her friend told her to get her hormones checked and she was advised to see someone who specialized in bio-identical hormones and customized care. Her regular doctor had tried putting her on an antidepressant and told her to go exercise-she knew there had to be something else she could do.

After evaluating her history extensively and her lab work, I found that her Thyroid was sub optimal, her Testosterone was non existent, her Progesterone was quite low, and she had some food allergies.

The medical system is broken and the choice is to complain about it, suffer silently within it, or realize that you must go outside of the system in order to achieve optimal health. To treat you to optimal levels requires special training, spending time getting to know you, and being willing to treat you–not just lab values. This simply can not be done under the current health insurance system.

J.T. fortunately realized this and sought help outside of her insurance plan. She is now able to function optimally. It took us a few months but she now sleeps well, has regular bowel movements, has great energy and is eating better and exercising regularly. She was able to rekindle her marriage by improving her own wellbeing by balancing her hormones and by going to couple’s counseling. Optimal health is an obtainable result!

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