Testosterone and Fatigue

A 47 year old gentleman came to my office complaining of fatigue, a loss of muscle tone, decreased memory, lack of concentration, and a general decline in his vitality. This is a common theme amongst men age 35-60 years old.

Andropause is the male version of menopause. This is when men have a decline in their Testosterone levels and can suffer from many symptoms. Commonly seen symptoms are low energy, a decrease in morning erections, decreased mental focus and concentration, increased aches and pains, delayed healing from musculoskeletal injuries (tendons, muscles, & ligaments), a loss of muscle tone, increased body fat, and a feeling that he has passed his peak.

A loss of sex drive can happen in men but generally this does not happen until the Testosterone levels are extremely low.

The good news is that low Testosterone can be treated safely and effectively. In the case of my 47 year old patient I discussed the different treatment options and he chose Bio-identical Testosterone pellets. After a few weeks he felt like he was 35 again and he was able to regain his active life.

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