Testosterone and Estrogen Pellets

The process of getting Testosterone pellets for men and women is easy. First, you decide that you do not feel hormonally balanced. Second, you contact the office for a lab prescription and you get the lab work to determine if you do have a Testosterone deficiency. When the lab work results are in, you are contacted to schedule your consultation and pellet insertion. You print and fill out the patient forms, bringing them to the appointment.

At your consultation, after a thorough review of your symptoms and lab work, you decide upon the Testosterone pellets. This is done in an out patient setting.

The pellet procedure: you lay on a table, laying on your side. The top outer part of your buttocks is cleaned with betadine. A local anesthetic is placed in the area, there is a slight sting to this part of this procedure. You are now numb, the Testosterone pellets are then gently placed in the numbed area. Women can also get an estrogen pellet if needed. It is a very easy procedure. A bandage is applied and you can go about your day.

After the procedure women are asked to limit exercise to walking for the next 4 days and men for 7 days. Both men and women are asked to avoid baths/jacuzzi use/pools for 4 days. Showering is fine. This helps to ensure that the pellets stay in place. After that, men get to enjoy 4 to 6 months of worry free hormone balancing and women get to enjoy 3 to 5 months of worry free hormone balancing.
Easy, effective optimization of your hormones!

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