Take charge of your health!

Personalized Health Care!

Ask yourself how you want to live and then make the choices that support it. If you choose to live life to its fullest, does it make sense to wait to see the doctor until you are sick? No! That is what the slowly deteriorating people do. The people who want to live well partner with their doctor and work to be proactive on their health. Everyone has a different genetic background and lives a different life, thus everyone needs personalized wellness plans. Doesn’t it make sense to come up with that plan and work on it before disaster hits?

It is never too late to begin to make positive choices in your life. Start with one today! Take baby steps to a vital, healthy life.

At Optimal You, Dr. Blanscet offers a concierge-style medical practice that limits the number of patients she sees in order to provide a more personalized medical plan, hormonal balancing and other services. Free wellness workshops are held monthly.

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