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Many people try to lose weight but are simply unable to lose it or to keep off their weight loss. Often, people turn to commercial diet programs since their ads tout ease of use and unbelievable before and after photos. Some even try fad diets. In the meantime, they continue to get fatter.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy and satisfied in the process, the best way to do this is through a therapeutic lifestyle change program. This approach treats chronic health problems, such as high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and unhealthy body composition. A lot of programs help you to lose weight temporarily but you are not healthy in the process, and your body puts the fat right back on when you are done with the program. With the Optimal You healthy weight loss program, you eat regular food and you get to eat a lot. It is all in eating the right foods and in proper supplementation.

There are three phases to our healthy weight loss program. The first phase involves cleansing and detoxifying your body. This is done under our guidance and with specialized supplements that make the process easy. This phase helps your body to heal and get rid of the inflammation in your body that is making your body hang onto fat. This phase is also focused on getting the water balance in your body corrected. The second phase is the personalized weight loss plan. You do not count calories. We encourage you to eat throughout the days–we educate you on the right types of foods to eat and we supplement with specially formulated medical shakes. You get to feel full and satisfied. We guide you on eating a variety of foods that keep your body healthy and help rid it of unwanted fat. In the third phase, we transition you to maintenance. We will make sure that you have life long success in maintaining your healthy body and weight.

During the Optimal You weight loss program we will give you vitamin shots that help to enhance weight loss and we perform periodic body fat/muscle analysis. We focus on repairing nutritional deficiencies with food, not supplements. The goal of our program is to give you the support that you need–both emotionally and physically–so that you can achieve a healthy weight.
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