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Stress And Your Body

Today’s world is full of stressors and your body pays the price. The normal stress response was helpful when a person encountered a threat, such as a tiger or bear. The hormonal stress response would save your life. The problem is that this response was not designed to deal with chronic daily stressors. When you are exposed to stressors on a regular basis, your adrenal glands get “fatigued” and your cortisol (main stress hormone) gets depleted and you can end up tired, achy, overweight, and mentally off.
Now, you can not change the stressors in the world, but you can change your response to them. You can choose how to react. Take a deep breath and count to 7 breathing out. Do this for 5 breaths throughout the day and anytime you feel stressed. Focus your mind on solutions, not problems. Life is always going to have speed bumps, your response is what you control.

I advise turning off the news since it tends to be negative. Also, surround yourself with people who are more positive minded and not people who complain all the time. Exercise regularly and do yoga or meditation. Keep a daily journal of what you are grateful for. Helping to balance your hormones by minimizing stressors and changing how you respond to stressors is in your control!

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