Staying Balanced

Many people seek my guidance on how to help them balance their hormones. This is a complex subject that has many parts. Balancing your hormones properly is like putting a puzzle together–it takes some time, patience, and requires multiple pieces.

Taking bio-identical hormones such as Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone is definitely an important piece of that puzzle that will help you to feel better and live a more vital life. In addition, it is also important to minimize the hormone disruptors that you are exposed to on a regular basis.
Stress is something that can disrupt your hormones, thus it is critical to learn how to properly manage stress. Yoga, meditation, epsom salt baths, deep breathing exercises, regular exercise, etc can all help you with this. Avoid watching news and turn off your electronic “toys” and TV on a regular basis. Practice just being in the moment.

Chemicals are all around us and many are a cause of disrupting your hormones. Do not put anything on your skin that you woul d not safely be able to eat—what you put on skin absorbs into your body in about 30 seconds. Also, be mindful of your cleaning products as they can be a source of harmful chemicals.
It is a good rule of thumb to eat a diet of organic non GMO foods— focusing on whole foods and not processed foods. A hormonally balanced diet is one that is full of organic vegetables, some organic fruits, and a wide variety of organic protein sources. Avoid meat from animals given hormones and other artificial substances. You don’t have to eat perfectly, simply be aware and realize that every little thing does add up so choose wisely whenever possible.

Balancing your hormones means being able to live a full, active, and vital life. Taking bio-identical hormones is an important piece of this. Your daily choices are also important. Be aware and make positive healthy choices whenever you can. Do your best and focus on progress, not perfection.

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