Spring Cleaning For Your Health

Spring is a great time to clean out your house but it is also a wonderful time to take stock of your health. Is there something that you want to improve upon?

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Take some time and think of one thing that you can work on. Write down a goal that is doable. For example you may want to lose weight but that is a huge goal. What if you start with eliminating soda, or adding more vegetables, or increasing the amount of movement you do every day; pick something that you can focus on and is a piece of your bigger goal.

Once you have picked the one thing that you can do and will do, take some time to develop a plan of action. Figure out a way that you can accomplish your goal. You may want to ask for guidance from someone who has achieved what you desire.

It is really that simple. We like to make things more complicated than they should be. Break down your big goal into easily obtainable goals. It is the little things that we do that add up to big successes.

Achieving Optimal health is a multifactorial approach. It involves getting the right mind set so that you may achieve your goals. It includes incorporating proper nutrition and supplementation, bio-identical hormone balancing, getting adequate sleep and exercise, and minimizing toxins. Each of these are important to address. Pick the piece that you want to work on and break it down into manageable steps.

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