Sleep and Health

Sleep Is A Critical Component Of Health.

You should get enough sleep where you wake up refreshed and are able to go about your day without any stimulants (coffee or other caffeine drinks). With good sleep your hormones are balanced, your body is able to better regulate weight, and it enhances your immune system, among other things.

Many people have trouble sleeping at night and it is important to get this resolved. Simple things like a warm shower before bed, avoiding computer/tv screens before bed, keeping a regular bed time, deep breathing exercises, and avoiding caffeine after 2 pm can go a long way to helping you to sleep better.
A common cause of sleep disturbance is also hormonal imbalance.

Many women (and men) have a lack of certain hormones as they age and this can affect many things, including sleep. If you are between 35 and 55 years old with a new onset of sleep issues then you may need bioidentical hormones to help you regain your balance.

Whatever the cause of your sleep issue is, the important thing is to get to the root of it and get yourself a good night’s sleep without the use of prescription sleep medication.

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