Hormonal Imbalance

Signs Of Hormonal Imbalances In Woman

The signs of a hormonal imbalance in women can be obvious or it can be subtle and missed. I wanted to post a questionnaire that is simple to use in order for women to better see if they have a hormonal imbalance or not.

Answer these questions with none, mild, moderate, severe, or extremely severe so that you may have a better picture of what is going on in your body.

Do you have the following:

  • Hot flashes, sweating (episodes of sweating)
  • Heart discomfort (unusual awareness of your heart beat, heart skipping, heart racing, or tightness)
  • Sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep, difficulty in sleeping through the night, or waking up early)
  • Depressive mood (feeling sad, down, on the verge of tears, having a lack of drive, or mood swings)
  • Irritability (feeling nervous, having an inner tension, or feeling aggressive)
  • Physical or mental exhaustion (having a general decrease in performance, impaired memory, decrease in concentration, or forgetfulness)
  • Anxiety (inner restlessness or feeling panicky)
  • Sexual problems (a change in sexual desire or in sexual activity and satisfaction)
  • Bladder problems (trouble urinating, an increased need to urinate, or bladder incontinence)
  • Dryness of vagina (sensation of dryness or burning in the vagina or difficulty with sexual intercourse)
  • Joint or muscular discomfort (pain in the joints or muscles, a delay in recovery from workouts or injury)

After answering the above questions assess how many you symptoms you have. These are all indicators of a hormonal imbalance. The more symptoms on this list you have, the quicker you should get your hormones checked by someone who understands optimal hormone balancing.

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