Prescription And Hormones

Hormone balance is more than a prescription

Taking bio-identical hormones is an important part of regaining your hormone balance and feeling vibrant again. But, hormone balance also involves other things. One of those things is proper nutrition.

There is a lot of talk about different diets. Diet is a four letter word! The better approach is to have a healthy lifestyle. Eating certified organic foods and eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruit is a great start to nutritionally support a hormonally balanced body.

Protein is important as it gives you energy and helps you build muscle. If you get protein from animals please eat hormone free, antibiotic free, and free range chicken/turkey/beef as well as wild fish. This will help minimize your exposure to hormone disrupters. Above all, eat a variety of nutritious foods throughout the day and you will feel more energetic and your bio-identical hormones will be able to work at the highest level.

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