Personalized Health Care

There has been a lot of talk about healthcare lately. One topic of conversation is concierge medicine. Concierge medicine has a different meaning to different people.

There is a small number of physicians who charge roughly ten thousand dollars (or more) per year in order to provide comprehensive care to a very limited number of people. The more common version of concierge medicine is where the patient pays $1500 to $2000 per year in order to have better access to their doctor and longer visits. This is an affordable concierge option for most people. The extra $4-5 per day that you pay allows your doctor to greatly limit his (or hers) practice and spend quality time with you.

Insurances are designed to be there for when you are sick. In essence they are disease insurance. It is important to have that type of insurance in case of major illnesses, to cover medications, and to pay for radiology and laboratory services. But if your desire is to truly be healthy than adding concierge medicine is for you. A concierge doctor has the time to work with you to personalize your health care.

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