Nutrition Specialist

Joseph Montgomery

My mission with Brilliance Nutrition within the An Optimal You - Wellness Partners Network is to provide a safe and compassionate environment for holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit. As an Integrative Nutrition Specialist and Holistic Health Coach, I use a science-based approach to cellular nutrition while understanding the importance of the body’s natural intuition response. I want to share my gift to help people identify underlying causes for their health concerns, aid in healing naturally, prevent superficial/counterproductive treatment, and guide people to experience optimal health.

My Passion

I am passionate about helping people lead a healthy lifestyle, meeting their goals, and feeling their best. I utilize the most cutting-edge dietary theories and traditional healing. By offering my expertise in integrative nutrition programs, routine lectures, and routine workshops I provide highly effective guidance and education to my clients for natural & holistic remedies and whole food nutrition.

My programs vary depending upon the unique needs and goals of my clients. One size does not fit all. What works for one person will not work for everyone. There is no magic pill or one modality of dietary nutrition. I tailor programs and consultations to fit the unique needs of my clients. There is too much deception and contradicting information out there for most people to sort through. They need someone to organize all of it, put all of the pieces together, and make it realistic and functional for their optimal health and wellness.

Who Can Benefit?

Who can benefit from my services? Anyone who wants to improve their health, live life to its fullest potential, and anyone who is overwhelmed with all of the contradicting information out there regarding health and nutrition. Understanding and implementing proper nutrition, supplements, and a healthier lifestyle have been proven to play a role in helping with the following:

It is time to take your health back! Each session will leave you feeling motivated, informed, inspired and equipped with a wealth of new information and new tools to achieve your health goals! I work with clients locally and across the country via phone or Skype. Let’s begin to rediscover hope, longevity, and optimal health as we journey the pathway to wellness together.

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