Organics and You

Why eat organic??

Do you really think that pesticides that kill bugs will not affect us in any way?? Doesn’t it make sense that pesticides could harm us too? Especially years and years of little exposures. Also, does changing the genetic code of fruits and vegetables make common sense? Could there be potential ill effects on our health that we are unaware of?? Even if I am wrong, does it hurt you to eat organic? NO! But, it could hurt you to eat pesticide laden genetically modified frutis and vegetables

What is organic?? True organic produce are grown without pesticides in soil free of pesticide residue and are not genetically engineered. To ensure that you are getting a true organic product look for a certified organic seal. Some produce has been labeled organic but have been found not to be truly organic.

Some people complain about the cost of organic produce. When you take into account that organic produce has a higher nutrient content of vitamins/minerals than non-organic produce, you need to buy less quantity of the organic produce in order to get the same benefits. Then when you add in the long term costs of diseases/illnesses caused by chemicals you realize that buying organic is actually less expensive!

For more information Visit the Dirty Dozen website.

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