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Tina (name changed to protect privacy) is a 44 year old woman who complained about being uncomfortable with the shape of her body. Not only was her waist no longer noticeable but she felt bloated all of the time. She could not drop any weight no matter what she tried. She did not sleep well and she would have flashes of heat in the day and night. Tina required Prozac to avoid feeling depressed.

Tina did not have the motivation or passion for the things that she enjoyed doing in past years. Everything she did was done by forcing herself to do them–even everyday things. Even going for a walk seemed like effort. Her husband was very patient but she felt bad that she had zero desire for sexual relations with her own husband. She went to her gynecologist who was unable to help her. She felt like a walking zombie with no end in sight.

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Luckily she read about hormones and how they can affect how a woman feels. When we tested her hormone levels we found her to have zero Testosterone and an excess of Estrogen. She also had low Progesterone and her thyroid was not optimal. Her hormones were imbalanced and she was feeling the effects and yet this was not being recognized with traditional medical care.

Keep in mind that optimal levels of hormones are very different from what the lab reports as “normal”. Treating a person’s hormones to optimal levels is considered “outside of the box” in medicine, but keeping people in the state that Tina was in is considered to be perfectly fine. This makes absolutely no sense to physicians who enjoy treating the whole person and helping that person feel and look their best. Hormone replacement is not the whole answer to achieving optimal wellness, but it is an important piece. Proper bio-identical hormone replacement is often the first step that helps a person regain their energy and drive so that he/she can exercise more, eat better, get good sleep, etc. Optimal hormone balancing must be done outside of insurance coverage so unfortunately many men and women suffer from a hormonal imbalance without seeking proper treatment.

Thankfully Tina was willing to think “outside the box” and try bio-identical hormone therapy. She chose to receive Testosterone through bio-identical pellets, Progesterone through bio-identical capsules, and she took NatureThroid for a more natural thyroid replacement. We simplified her supplement regimen as well. Tina gradually lost 16 pounds over about 4-5 months. She was able to sleep better, have more energy, and felt clear headed again.

In her words “I feel so much better since I have been on bio-identical hormone therapy that I would have to say to everyone who knows something just isn’t quite right to give it a try. Especially if you are having symptoms of fatigue, foggy thinking, weight gain without really eating too much, or low sex drive. The desire for sex has always been a thing women laugh off as something that we lose with age. I have to say I am so surprised that my body is experiencing a true desire again. Honestly, I forgot what it was like and I thought for sure it was because our sex drive stops working as we get older. Overall, with bio-identical hormone replacement I feel a new zest for life. It feels natural, not like being hyped up as if on coffee or other stimulants. Just a good healthy feeling. The way we are supposed to feel”.

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