Optimal aging with concierge medicine

With concierge medicine you get direct access to your doctor 24/7 as well as office visits that are unhurried and scheduled on short notice. But more importantly, you form a team with your physician. He/she has only a limited number of patients and is able to really get to know you and what you desire for your health.

Optimal aging involves addressing nutrition, fitness, stress, toxins, and hormone balancing among other things.

Traditional non concierge practices simply do not have the time to address all of this. Due to insurance constraints they must see numerous patients each hour in order to stay afloat, thus it is easier to simply throw medications at patients and not look into the underlying issues.

Optimal aging can be achieved with a concierge physician. In this type of practice the patient invests in his/her health by paying an annual fee that allows the physician to work outside the constraints of insurances. Because there is a small financial investment on the patient’s part, a concierge practice attracts patients who are interested in achieving optimal aging. This is a win win combination: a patient who is invested in their health and a physician who is dedicated to helping each patient achieve optimal health.

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