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Normal vs optimal

People get lab tests every day and often are told their lab results are normal. But what does that really mean? Think about that for a minute: what is normal? Basically, if you look around you normal has become overweight, tired, and ill. So, do you really want to be normal??
The lab values are created by studying a group of people and coming up with a low average number and a high average number. This becomes the range with which is considered normal. Keep in mind that they study the average population, they are not studying people who function optimally. So, when you fall within the normal range on a lab value it simply means that you fall within the range of the average population. This is not necessarily a good thing.

When you look at your lab values it is important to look at your symptoms and correlate them with your lab results. A regenerative medicine doctor specializes in getting you to optimal functioning and optimal lab values. If you do not feel well and you are told “your labs are normal”, I advise that you follow your gut instincts. Your lab values should be optimal, not just normal!

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