New Year Reflections

The new year is a great time to reflect upon what you would like to improve in your health and make positive changes. Sometimes this can seem overwhelming and yet, it can be a simple thing to do. There are things you can do in order to make positive changes painlessly and move towards your goal. Everyone thinks that you have to make drastic changes immediately, this is simply not true.

Healthy New Years

The first step is to set aside an hour or two to focus on what you want. If you are not clear on where you are going, it is easy to get off track. You are worth taking some time to visualize how you want to feel and look a year from now. Write down your thoughts. Include as much detail as you can—involve all of your senses(sight, sound, feeling, etc) . Write down what achieving your goal will mean for you in your life using all of your senses. Dig deep and write down everything that comes up. Use a pen and paper— this works better with our brains.

Once you have a clear idea on what you desire, you can achieve it by taking small actions daily towards your goal. Take your vision and first write down the big steps that it will take to get to your goal. Then break those down into smaller steps until you come up with easy to do action steps. You will be able to use your emotional attachment to your goal to help motivate you to stay on track as you take these small steps.

Next, write down obstacles in your life that could derail you from your plan. Be honest with yourself. Things are going to come up and that is to be expected. Plan for them and know how you will handle them.

Here is an example for you to understand the above recipe for success:

Diane, a 52 year old lady wants to lose weight. She took some time and wrote down her goal. She envisioned herself being 25 pounds lighter. A part of what she wrote down about losing this weight was that it would help her get off blood pressure medication and give her the energy to help her to enjoy her grandkids and travel more. This is much more motivating than just weight loss in general.

Diane wrote down that her desired actions were to exercise an hour five days a week, get good sleep, cut out soda, and eat a whole food based diet. That was her one year goal. By doing these things she would achieve healthy weight loss.

Diane was currently drinking a soda daily, hardly exercising, going to bed at sporadic hours, and loved a carb rich diet full of pasta and breads. She was not going to make long term changes just stopping everything overnight. Even though that is what most people try to do, it is not sustainable. Diane realized it would take a mind shift and lifestyle change to reach her weight loss goal.

She wrote down the small steps she could take to get to her big goals, and then started taking them. Diane focused on the energy she would get by making these changes rather than just the weight loss. This kept her motivated.

Her first small steps were to get a baseline evaluation and to work on her mind. She started out with a Bio-Energy test and a full hormone evaluation & treatment to ensure that things were in balance and to help give her a good start. She then got help with her mind set and resolving bad habits through Hypnotherapy and Reiki. By writing down her goal and breaking it down into steps she had realized that she needed to work on her mind. A healthy mindset is critical for doing the things physically that were necessary for long lasting weight loss, and for enjoying her life better.

After working on her mind, she started improving her daily habits one by one. With the help of the integrative nutrition coach she stopped drinking soda, she replaced pasta with vegetables, she started walking & resistance exercises, and she turned off electronics in order to get to bed at a reasonable hour. These changes happened slowly and her results were not apparent for awhile. If she was not focused on her goal of getting off medication and enjoying her grandkids and traveling, she probably would have quit like most people. But she didn’t.

Diane focused on her long term goal and on each small change at a time. She had prepared for distractions such as holidays and dinners out. She was not perfect but she stayed on course. A year after she started this, she was 15 pounds lighter. Her goal was 25 pounds but more importantly than the actual weight loss was the fact that she felt better, had more energy & vitality, and was enjoying traveling and her time with grandkids. Diane had regained her life, one small change at a time by taking a little time to plan it out a year earlier. She continues on her healthy path and is enjoying doing it. She did not have to make drastic overnight changes, each step along the way has been doable.

What is it that you desire? Set aside some time to write it down, make sure you emotionally attach to it, and determine the small steps it will take to get there. It is not the big changes that you want to focus on, it is the small positive steps that you take towards your goal that create lasting changes.

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