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My Diet’s Not Working

Sally is a 48 year old lady. She had tried many different diet plans and ended up losing a few pounds only to gain them back. She was frustrated with herself and felt like she had no will power. She thought that she knew what to do to lose weight but she just could not seem to do it long term. She found herself reaching towards “magic” weight loss fixes which ended up messing with her metabolism and making it even harder to lose weight the next time. She was fed up! She hated herself–how she looked and who she was inside.

Sally had a great friend tell her about hormone balancing and she decided to check it out. She got her lab work done and had a consultation. It was found that her Testosterone and her Thyroid were not optimal. These hormones were rebalanced using bio-identical hormones. She regained her energy and her motivation to exercise regularly. She found that she could actually build muscle and burn fat. Her Progesterone was also rebalanced and this helped her to sleep better and feel calmer.

Once Sally’s hormones were balanced she had an overall improved outlook on her health. I utilized the help of a few other wellness professionals to give her much needed help in reprogramming her negative beliefs and improving her overall nutrition. Healthy weight loss involves many pieces. Hormone balancing is a great first step because it helps you to feel mentally and physically better overall. It also helps your body’s metabolism work more effectively so that you can burn fat.

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