Mental Fog?

Do you have Mental fog?

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why you went in there? Do you feel like your brain function is not what it should be? Is there an overall decrease in your memory and /or focus??

If you have had this issue checked out and your doctor tells you that you are “fine”, then you may want to consider the fact that you could have a testosterone deficiency. This is seen in both men and women. Typically men lose 1 to 3 % of their testosterone per year starting at age 30 and women lose 50% of their testosterone production between age 20 and 40. This can result in many symptoms, one being a loss of mental acuity.

Replacing testosterone can be safe and easy, when done by a physician trained in regenerative medicine. The best way to replace testosterone is with a bio-identical pellet that is standardized. Essentially the pellet sits in the fat part of your buttocks and your body takes from it what it needs. This method of testosterone most closely replicates nature, and as a result gives the best results with the least (if any) side effects.

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