Menopause and Men

Andropause–Male menopause

A lack of adequate Testosterone is becoming increasingly more prevalent in today’s world. Over half of the healthy men between the ages of 40-70 years old have a low bio-available Testosterone level.
Low Testosterone can be a predictor of hear disease and it can also affect insulin regulation, bone density, and mental functioning.

Optimal Testosterone levels can improve your mood, increase your energy/strength/endurance, and is also associated with Alzheimer’s prevention and improved heart function. In addition, an optimal Testosterone level improves your body composition by encouraging more lean muscle and reducing fat. It also improves libido (sexual desire) and erectile dysfunction. When patients have an optimal Testosterone level I see less inflammation, less pain overall, less osteoporosis, and less arthritis.

If you are a male and are feeling more tired, have less sexual performance, have less lean muscle, have mood issues, or just know that something is not right; then I highly suggest that you get your Testosterone checked. And, when you get it checked do be sure that it is in the optimal range. Normal ranges are not optimal ranges. There is a wide variation of normal, and the lower range of “normal” is certainly not optimal.

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