Lyme Disease

Lymes Disease

The number of Lyme’s disease diagnosis seems to be increasing in number. If you have been properly diagnosed with Lyme’s disease then this article is for you. If you think you may have Lyme’s disease please get properly tested and research the symptoms of Lyme’s disease.

As you know, this disease can cause quite a bit of suffering and disability. Chronic Lyme’s disease is basically a dysfunction of your immune system to rid itself off this invader. A properly working body should be able to eliminate this infection. Simply throwing antibiotics at it, does not work.

Successful chronic Lyme’s disease treatment involves a multifactorial approach. It is critical to properly support your body nutritionally, emotionally, and with proper rest. In addition, adding in IV blood Ozone treatments along with IV Myers cocktails (high dose Vitamin C) has been found to have a fairly high success rate. Ozone has been around in the medical field for the past century.

Ozone works by jump starting your mitochondria. It gets your immune system to start working and fight off the invaders. Your body has the capability to fight, it needs the proper ingredients to do that. Ozone increases the oxygen utilization of your cells. Oxygen is a key ingredient for each cell to work optimally.

IV blood ozone treatments for Lyme’s disease have shown the best results when given once or twice daily for four days a week for three weeks. This is followed by periodic treatments by IV or rectally.

Systemic stem cells (IV stem cells) are another alternative treatment modality for a variety of diseases including Lyme’s disease. It is newer than ozone but is showing promise. If someone has the funds, adding a systemic stem cell treatment once in a while can help tremendously.

Lyme’s disease affects people both emotionally and physically. A treatment program needs to be comprehensive in order to combat this disease. Overcoming Lyme’s disease can be done.

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