Low Testosterone And Sex

Can I have low Testosterone and still have a sex drive?

Men typically ignore their symptoms of low Testosterone. They think that if they have a sex drive and can still get an erection that they have a good Testosterone level. Things could not be further from the truth.

Low Testosterone can show up in many ways. You can have low energy, poor focus, feel grumpy or irritable, and/or have trouble sleeping. You may have trouble recovering from workouts and have problems building muscle. There may be a general feeling of not being at your best. And yet, you may still be able to get erections and have a sex drive.

The word testosterone written on a sticky note

I have found that many men do not realize that a low Testosterone can be the cause of their symptoms. Optimal Testosterone levels are important for your overall health and vitality. Testosterone performs a wide variety of functions and you need an optimal level to function at your best. You can have sub-optimal Testosterone that is affecting your body and still be having erections and have a libido.

If you feel that you are not functioning at an optimal level–you will want to get your hormones evaluated by a bio-identical hormone specialist.

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