Lack Of Sex Drive

If you are like a lot of women you may believe that a low sex drive is normal. While women typically have less of a sex drive than men, women should still have one. It is common, not normal, for women to have a low or nonexistent sex drive these days.

There are many reasons for this problem. Women need to be able to take time for themselves. If you are stressed then your sex drive is repressed. Take time every day to exercise (even ten minutes is a good start) and time to relax (five minutes of deep breaths and closed eyes can go a long way). Plan quiet time with your partner. This is extremely important. If you do not plan it, it will not happen. At a minimum, have one night/afternoon a week that you plan to be with your partner.

In addition, you need to feel good about yourself. If you feel fat, tired, etc. You also need to be in a healthy relationship. If there are health or relationship issues then your sex drive will suffer. Seek the help of a counselor, a personal trainer, and/or a physician if you need assistance. Take the time to heal yourself and your relationship. It is worth the effort.

If you are still having issues with a low sex drive then replacing low Testosterone can definately help. I find that Testosterone pellets are a highly effective and safe way to replace Testosterone. Not only will your sex drive improve, but also your energy, hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, etc will improve.

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