Keep Healthy And Aviod Unnecessary Medications And Testing

Nicole had abdominal bloating for quite some time. She had seen the gastroenterologist and had a CT scan done, an upper and lower endoscopy, and extensive lab work. Everything looked good so the doctor told her she was fine and tried to give her an anti depressant medication.

She joined my concierge practice because she knew that I offered personalized integrative medicine and did not want unnecessary medications. After extensively reviewing her history we decided that a food sensitivity was a likely cause (even though the GI doctor had told her that food was not the cause). It took a little time and patience but we figured it out. Now with specific food avoidance and some basic supplements, she is without abdominal bloating and we are working on her hormone balancing.

Concierge medicine involves the patient paying a minimal fee (which equates to about $5 per day) in order to augment the low payments from insurance companies. This allows the physician to spend more time with her patients than insurances allow. Obviously more time results in more in depth care and this is the only way a physician can truly get to the root of your issues and also work with you to keep you healthy once you feel good again. Concierge medicine allows for team work between you and your physician.

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