Irritable Moods

Feeling irritable?

Often people will come to me complaining that their mood is off and that they feel like they are on the edge. Sometimes they feel like crying at the drop off a hat and other times they want to bite someone’s head off. These are definately signs of hormonal imbalance!

Your hormones are a vital piece of your mental well being. When you have an excess of one hormone and a deficiency of another, this can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Commonly, I see an excess of Estrogen and a deficiency of Testosterone and Progesterone. This can present as mood instability, low sex drive, fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain; among other things.

Attaining proper hormone balance involves eating a healthy diet full of organic non-GMO vegetables/fruits. Regular exercise is also important. You can make your exercise fun and easy to incorporate in your life. In addition, replacing your deficient hormones with bio-identical hormones will help you to live a balanced life in the crazy world that we live in.

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