Insurance And Hormones

Invest In Yourself

People often ask about having insurances pay for bio identical hormone consultations and pellets. The problem is that insurances do not compensate for the time involved in customizing your treatment and they do not pay for bio identical pellets and creams.

Insurances pay for the treatment of diseases and for non customized medications. If you are looking for compassionate, quality, customized hormone balancing; then you must realize that your insurance is not going to cover it. This is about optimizing your health and preventing diseases, not waiting until you have s serious disease. Insurances pay doctors based on the diseases diagnosed, not time spent getting you healthy.

I have the mind set that my health insurance is there for major medical expenses. Just like I only use my car insurance for major expenses; I do not use it for minor fender benders. Your health and wellness is in your hands and should be the most valuable thing you have. Investing in bio identical hormones done correctly is worth it. Isn’t feeling energetic, sleeping well, and having optimal health worth your time and money?

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