Increase your Sex Drive

A decreased sex drive can arise for many reasons and it can affect both women and men. A healthy sexual relationship with someone that you love is important. It is sometimes too easy to ignore this fact and let this part of your life slip away.

Balancing your hormones is one part of having a healthy libido. Without a proper balance of Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone it is difficult to have a healthy sex drive. Our hormones get out of balance for many reasons and utilizing bio-identical hormones helps to fix that problem. Balancing your hormones is like putting gas into your car.

Just like there are many other parts to your car to make it run, there are also other things that affect your libido. Stress can greatly diminish your desire. Being unhappy in your relationship or being unhappy with yourself has a definite impact with sex drive. Medications can also have an affect.

Older couple laying in bed

It is important to take time out to unplug and relax. Yoga is a great way to learn to relax and keep your body limber. Turn off the phone, tv, and computer and breathe deeply and clear your mind. Hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Reiki, and transformational breathing are all things that can aide you in any relationship issues–with your partner and with yourself.

Having a healthy sex drive can make you feel better about yourself and can enhance your relationship. With an integrative medicine approach and a desire on your part to increase your libido, you should be able to regain your libido.

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