Improve Your Sex Drive

A healthy libido (sex drive) is important for both men and women. It is a critical piece of a positive, healthy relationship. Having a healthy sex drive helps you to feel good about yourself and boosts mood and overall well-being.

Couple laying in bed

A low libido can occur in both men and women, and at any age. If you suffer from this, it is important to evaluate the source. The first thing people think of is low Testosterone. Optimal Testosterone levels are needed for a good sex drive. Testosterone is like gas in the car–it is needed to get things going. Testosterone has many functions in the body aside from helping libido—it helps energy, mood, focus, healing, etc.

Having optimal Testosterone levels is only one piece to having a healthy libido. It is also important to feel good about yourself, to be in a good relationship, and to allow time for yourself and your partner. If you don’t feel good in your body or are unhappy with who you are with, your mind will suppress the desire for sex. Stress is one of the biggest libido killers. It is important to take measures to reduce stress. Take time for you on a regular basis and unplug.

A healthy sex drive is a combination of proper bio-identical hormone balancing and a healthy mental state. It is important to get a proper evaluation by someone trained in identifying the help that you need.

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