What is normal?

Isn’t it normal to have my hormones decline with age?

As a physician specializing in bio-identical hormones I have heard this question often and I even wondered it myself. Yes, there are changes that naturally occur as we age. The issue is that we live in an environment that has drastically changed in the past century that accelerates the hormonal decline.


Think about all of the things that we are exposed to today that were not a concern a century ago. The cows are given hormones to help them mature faster and those hormones get into the meat and dairy products. Our diet is full of processed and packaged foods. We use personal care and household products (cleansers, lotions, shave cream, shampoos, make up, house cleaning products, etc) that are full of chemicals. Plastic is prevalent–in water bottles, toys, food containers, etc. Stress levels seem to be higher than ever as we live in a faster paced world each year. The list goes on.

Our hormones are chemically specific and chemicals can disrupt that balance. Stress and the types of food we eat can also affect the hormone balance. Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen, Cortisol, and Thyroid hormones are especially disrupted in today’s world. This results in fatigue, poor sleep, increased aches & pains, a decreased libido, weight gain, brain fog, depression, anxiety, etc. Over time, hormonal disruption can lead to an increased risk of dementia, certain cancers, osteoporosis, etc.

Attaining hormonal balance is critical for optimizing your health. We no longer live in a world in which this is accomplished without some intervention. Replacing your deficient hormones with bio-identical hormones is a way to live optimally in today’s toxic world.

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