Hormones and Concierge Care

Many patients are searching for head to toe care from a physician who has time to spend with them. They are tired of long waits at the doctor’s office and being unable to contact their doctor when needed. In addition, the desire is growing to have traditional medicine offered along with bio-identical hormone balancing and other integrative medicine practices.

Concierge medicine allows a doctor to provide what you want. This type of medicine is where the patient pays an annual fee (payable quarterly if needed) that allows the doctor to drastically limit the number of patients that she sees. She is no longer forced to take care of thousands of patients, only a few hundred. This naturally gives her the time to be able to spend the time with you that you need, when you need it.

By having a concierge practice insurance companies are no longer in the driver’s seat for your doctor. She can now practice personalized medical care, including integrative (anti-aging) medicine. Integrative medicine involves working with you to prevent future diseases so that they do not occur and also working on existing diseases through nutrition, supplements, etc so that you can minimize medication use.

If you desire complete head to toe care that encompasses hormone balancing, nutrition, and other anti-aging therapies then concierge medicine is the choice for you.

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