Hormone Control

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with your daily life? See huge challenges instead of easy to overcome issues? Are you frustrated with yourself or upset that you are not where you want to be?

These are commonly heard issues in my daily interactions with patients. People seek my help because they feel out of balance. I can replace your deficient hormones with bio-identical hormones and help you to replace your nutritional deficiencies. This not only helps you to feel better but generally gives you the energy to exercise more and to live a healthier lifestyle. The other piece to your optimal health puzzle is the stuff going on in your brain.

The stuff that you say (or think) to yourself is the most important stuff that you hear daily and most people are not aware of how damaging these thoughts can be. How often have you done something and then say to yourself “that was stupid”? Or do you focus on all of the stuff you have not accomplished and perhaps even say things to yourself like “don’t be so lazy” or “I am so fat”.

Do not be embarrassed — everyone has the tendency to be harsh critics of their own actions or inactions. Let’s focus on what you can do about it!

Here is a simple exercise for you to do daily: start each day thinking about what you have achieved so far. What is good in your life? Really focus on the answer–there is always something good. We all have challenges to overcome and goals to go after–it is what keeps life exciting. But stop and really focus on the things that you have already achieved and the things that are going well.

By focusing each day on what is right in your world and what you have achieved so far, you will be able to enjoy each day to its fullest and more easily move past any challenges.

This will decrease your cortisol (stress hormone) and help to improve your Progesterone, Testosterone, and Estrogen balance. This in turn helps you to sleep better and feel better which helps you to eat better and move more. This translates into a healthier weight and good blood pressure, among other things. This is living in optimal health!! And this piece of the puzzle is in your control.

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