Holiday Stress

Have you had a holiday season with no stress? You may have to go back in time to when you were a child to get that memory. When I was a kid the holidays were all about fun and I did not have to worry about shopping, wrapping, or cooking. I am sure that no matter how you grew up, you did not have the same stress during the holidays that you do now.

So how do you get through the next month or two and come out unscathed? The first thing to do is to sit down and look at your calendar and block off time for you. Block at least a night a week (a full day is better) where you have no plans. That means absolutely no plans. When people invite you to something you answer NO. You already have something scheduled- have an appointment with you. An easy thing to do on a daily basis is to take a minute and take 6-10 deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose very slowly then out through your mouth very slowly. Focus on your breath. Turn off the news, it just contributes to stress. Focus on the good things in your life instead.

Buy gifts for those close to you that will appreciate the gift and that you want to buy for. If you find yourself stressing about buying gifts then change what you do. You can choose to donate to a charity on their behalf or choose to buy something for people throughout the year and not do all of your gift buying and giving during December. Make a choice about what you want to do and that greatly decreases the stress.

No matter what you decide to do you will do the right thing for you. You will find yourself focusing on relationships and the meaning of the Christmas season. You will start the New Year in a more refreshed state than you have before.

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