Healthy Foods

This is the 21st century and you now have easier access to information. You may be feeling fine or you may be having some health concerns and either way you realize that our bodies require proper nutrition in order to function optimally. A healthy whole food diet full of organic produce and protein is a great start. Unfortunately, the nutrition content of our food supply has deteriorated due to many factors. In today’s world we can no longer rely only on the food we eat to achieve optimal health–supplementation is required to augment the food we eat.

Sadly the majority of people are confused on what to take or whether to take supplements due to the misinformation about supplements in the news. All supplements are not equal. When taking a supplement it is important to get one of a high quality. High quality supplements are proven to help your hormones work better, enhance your energy, help you think better, and overall improve your health.

There a few companies out there who take great care to research each ingredient, ensuring that it is provided to you in the right form and is properly absorbed by your body. They also do not put gluten, lactose, or other unnecessary ingredients in their supplements. For those who enjoy simple supplement shopping you will find high quality supplements sold at our office–we purchase high quality well researched supplements from companies that only sell to doctors. If you are someone who enjoys researching supplements you may go to a local store that provides organic supplements or search carefully online.

There are certain supplements that we can all benefit from. A multivitamin/multimineral is important to fill in the gaps from our diet. Essential fatty acids, such as fish oil, helps our cell membranes function better and reduces overall inflammation. DIM or I3C is useful for helping healthy hormone metabolism and preventing cancers. The majority of people are in need of vitamin D and it helps immunity, bone building, and some cancer prevention. But get your vitamin D levels tested to get on the appropriate dosage.

Vitamin D is something we easily check routinely. You can also get special intensive testing to determine your specific vitamin and mineral needs. Insurance does not typically cover this type of testing but it is well worth it for those who want to be 100% sure that they are taking the appropriate supplements. First start with the basics of improving your diet, getting your hormones balanced, minimizing stress, and getting on basic supplements. Once that is done, then the special testing makes sense.

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