Health insurance or disease insurance?

We often get asked if insurance will cover bio-identical hormone consultations, treatments, and followups. This is an understandable question since insurance premiums are generally high people expect them to cover most, if not, all things. It can be frustrating to pay so much in insurance premiums only to find out they do not cover what you need it to. It is definitely an issue that needs rectified.

In the meantime do you continue suffering in protest of the system or do you take care of yourself now? It is important to understand that health insurances pay for disease care. The entire payment structure on how they pay doctors, hospitals, laboratories, imaging places, etc is based upon codes that show the diseases or conditions that you have. They may cover a yearly physical but it is typically not labwork or an exam that is looking at getting you to optimal health and staying there. The health care system is built around keeping you from dying quickly and not really focused on helping you to live vitally–truly living. In fact, most people live the last decade or more of their life not really living, they are simply not dying by slowly deteriorating.

If you desire optimal health you can not sit around waiting for the health care system to wake up. It hopefully will one day but that day may be too late for you. Achieving a life full of vitality, great sleep, a positive mood, and the ability to move around without pain takes proper bio-identical hormone balancing combined with proper nutrition and exercise. This can only be obtained with the help of a physician specially trained in integrative medicine. Anyone who truly specializes in this type of medicine is unable to work within the confines of insurances in today’s world.

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