Health Care And You

With the government health care issues many of you are wondering about the impending affordable care act (often called Obama care). Do you really understand how the health care reform act will affect you? If the answer is No, you are certainly not alone.

There are many aspects to the health care reform and not all of them are negative. However, there is one big concern that practically everyone agrees on: no one knows how the medical system is going to adequately take care of the influx of patients that will now be covered. With the loss of pre-existing exclusions, we can expect that a huge number of patients will now jam the medical system. This means longer wait times to see a doctor, an increased likelihood of seeing a P.A./RNP instead if a doctor, more hurried visits, and an overall depersonalization of your care.

We are going to see more patients flock to concierge medicine where customized, personalized medicine thrives. However the doctors that practice concierge medicine only take on a few hundred patients (instead of thousands like a regular practice) and they will fill up quickly. The patients who fail to see the value of concierge medicine in the early days of health care change may find themselves stuck in the overcrowded medical system.

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