Healthy New Year

Getting a Healthy Start In Then New Year

Do you want to feel better on a daily basis?  Would you like to enjoy your days more fully?

One of the easiest ways to do this is to have an attitude of gratitude. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, or what is going on in your life. Each day you can be truly grateful when you wake up. It comes down to choosing to have an attitude of gratitude.

I encourage you to start a Gratitude journal to help you live in gratitude more often. This may seem too simple to work, but studies show that writing in a gratitude journal on a regular basis creates new neural pathways that result in a more positive attitude.

Begin each day by writing down three things that you are grateful for. These can be anything. Then each night before bed, write three things you are grateful for about that day. Getting a sheet of paper and putting it next to your bed will get you started.  You can later purchase a fancy journal or use a simple notebook. It does not matter what you write in, what matters is that you physically write on a regular basis.

Consistently writing in your gratitude journal for the next 45-90 days is when the new neural pathways will be created in your brain forming the powerful habit that is transforming your life. In the days, weeks, and months going forward you are getting healthier by picking one thing and sticking to it. 

Start your New Year creating the habit of writing in your gratitude journal and you will find that you have naturally created a mindset that leads to the ability to more easily make the changes you desire in the key areas of your life. The key areas of life are your Health, Wealth and Relationships. Most people want to change something in these areas and often create New Year’s resolutions that typically don’t stick. To make lasting change in the area you desire, it first takes a change in mindset. The simple task of writing in your gratitude journal will start this for you. Lasting change does not have to start with difficult action steps.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and truly exploring how powerful you are through a proven 20-year coaching system with processes for rapidly transforming your life.

John Grant, Results Coach

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