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Four Steps to Reduce Stress & Avoid Conflict

Dealing with other people can be fun and invigorating, and it can also be stressful and overwhelming.  A good amount of stress and pressure can come from those people who always seem to know what buttons to push or have unreasonable expectations on your time.

Follow the (4) steps to avoid these pitfalls and to enjoy interacting with other people.   

STEP #1:  When conflict arises, take some time to respond vs. reacting.  Take a walk, breath, listen to calming music, take 5 minutes for a mini-meditation, etc…  Reacting will most likely not resolve the problem, but accelerate it.  Re-address the issue (if necessary) from a more calm and well-thought out approach.

STEP #2:  Consider the feedback as ‘information’.  Often times a gift can be disguised in ugly wrapping paper.  Once you get to the core of what was said or intimated, you may find the information useful in some way.  Regardless of how it was delivered, use whatever you can to elevate yourself by being aware of behaviors or thoughts that aren’t working for you and be open to making some changes.

STEP #3:  Don’t take it personal.  We are in charge of what we allow something to mean about ourselves.  Therefore, consider the ‘information’ to be unimportant to you.  When your confidence in your value and worth is strong and solid, adverse comments or expectations will not affect you in a negative way.  Consider that person may be going through their own adversity and not able to sort it out very well.  Kindness and grace will go a long way in handling the situation and will bring you more peace of mind, and maybe the other person too!

STEP #4: Once you have gone through steps #1-3, you may have determined a response is needed.  Decide what boundaries will need to be in place for your well-being, then figure out the highest, kindest, most generous road you can take, and that that one.  When responding in this way, you’ll increase your confidence, peace of mind and create a space of harmony for all.  Then determine to be ‘ok’ with however the other person receives it.  They may still be dealing with thoughts and feelings that only they can work through.  

In conclusion, these steps are easy to remember, but not always easy to do.  Give yourself some grace, as you practice these steps you may stumble and fall a few times before you master them.  As long as you’re doing your best, success will surely follow.

Blessings & Prosperity,

Nancy Holguin
Certified Hypnotherapist

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