Feeling Blue


Depression is a pretty common thing these days. It manifests as fatigue, an overall lack of energy, a decreased desire to do things that you usually enjoy, sleep disturbance, appetite increase or decrease, a general feeling of imbalance and just not feeling yourself.

There are medications out there to treat depression if your symptoms are moderate to severe. However, whether or not you need medication there are several other things that you can do to improve your mood. Nutrition is a key component to affecting how you feel. Doesn’t it make sense that the fuel that you give your body can affect your neurotransmitters and ultimately how you feel?? After all, what you eat really does end up being what you are made of.

Regular exercise can also improve your mood, if you don’t feel up o it at least do 5 minutes twice a day. Avoiding “toxic” people and situations can also help you. I find that keeping a gratitude journal and focusing on what is good in your life at the beginning of each day is a positive influence on your brain. Hormonal imbalance can also greatly affect your mood and this can be fixed by a combination of lifestyle changes and bio-identical hormones.

The list goes on. Remember: you can choose to be happy by seeking help if needed and by making small changes every day.

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